African Art in Digital (AAinD) creates and produces African themed content - ranging from digitized formats of african artifacts to immersive exhibitions.

AAinD is about expanding interest in traditional Africa using the springboard of digital technology - making new of the old. 

Even though this art has mostly disappeared into private hands, technology can enable access. The curated digital presentations are of largely limited access objects.

AAinD privileges how to look at African cultural objects - some are watched as performance; some glimpsed/looked at discreetly with stolen glances; some are visible to all spectators to marvel at.

These digital media experiences are created as another way to restore heritage  -  empowering and energizing

Journey over
a million footpaths

created in collaboration with SARAVÁ, is AAinD’s inaugural exhibition,  - transforming iconic Central African artifacts into 3D. This immersive exhibition is presented by video mapping and cinematic projections while following a riveting narration.

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